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If you’re planning an LED installation in the West London area and seeking a reliable electrician with lighting expertise and experience, then why not check out our partners at Jay Dee Electrical Services?

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Founded more than 22 years ago by James Dunworth, a fully qualified electrician and lighting specialist with decades of experience in the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors for electrician services, Jay Dee Electrical believe that lighting is one of the most important aspects of making a house a home. They design and install lighting with the customer in mind, creating environments that are welcoming and relaxing.

Because of their long experience in the trade, Jay Dee Electrical have a strong preference for LED lights over conventional fluorescent and halogen bulbs. That’s why they choose InStyle’s LED strips and other lighting products for their high-end installations in locations such as Twickenham, Kensington, Chiswick and their surroundings.

Jay Dee Electrical Services - West London

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Bring life to kitchen surfaces with reflected LEDs

LEDs are not only more energy efficient, they’re also far flexible and configurable to each customer’s unique tastes and requirements. And as technology advances and smart home-automation technology is implemented more widely, LEDs are becoming the go-to option: LED lights integrate with a huge range of smart devices and systems, allowing you to control and adjust the brightness, colour and more of the lights throughout you home – all at the touch of a button or a spoken command.

Jay Dee Electrical can revolutionise how you see and use lighting in the home – and they’re experts in everything from home alarms and security lighting to full re-wiring too.

Why not check out the galleries below, and give them a call on 07765405111 today or get in touch via the handy contact form here.

Jay Dee Electrical Services - West London

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