What are dual white LED strips? And how are they controlled?

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Dual white LED strip lights (also known as CCT LED strip lights) are a new type of LED tape that can be set using a controller to either very warm white, very cool white or any shade of white in between.

This is achieved by fixing two LEDs very close together on the LED tape’s PCB, to enable smooth mixing of the white shades. Each pair of LEDs consist of a 2700K warm white (very warm white) diode coupled with a 6500K cool white (very cool white) diode.

Why would you use dual white LED strips?

You would choose dual white LED strips if you’d like the option of choosing nearly any white possible, whenever you wish. You can constantly adjust the white to suit your mood / requirements. Or maybe you’re looking to match a particular white décor, in which case you can select that white and leave the strip on the same setting for as long as you wish. This may be the case for an example of a project where all the lighting on the project is 3800k, for example, and you need to match this colour as closely as possible.

Another example of usage is in areas where there isn’t much daylight. You could use a controller that automatically changes the light mix from your dual white strips to complement the sun rising and the sun setting.

With dual white LED strips you have complete control over your white lighting, and we offer a wide range of control options for every project – no matter how small or big.

How are they controlled?

We have many different control options.

Choose from remote controls, wall controllers and even wifi control. You can have single-zone or multizone control, so you can control one area or multiple areas either individually or fuly synchronised. We also have a large range of different control protocols to work with almost any home automation system or controller, such as  DMX, 0-10V, and Dali.

Can dual white LEDs work with a home automation system?

Yes they can. We stock many different receivers to work with any home automation system, such as Dali, DMX and 0-10V.

Are there different types?

Yes we offer 2 types of dual white LED strip:  a 12w p/m and a 24w p/m type.

The 12w p/m type is ideal for feature lighting. To throw a halo glow, for example, around the edge of an exhibition floor stand to create a floating floor. Or use it in plinth lighting in a kitchen, or for coving lighting or drop-down ceilings.

The 24w p/m option is ideal for working light. This can be used as your main lighting, or used in areas where there is high ambient lighting such as shop fronts. It’s ideal for signage and any area requiring a lot of light/brightness.

Why InStyle LED?

We stock all of these LED strips for next day delivery.

We can cut and solder your LED strips to exact lengths for you, and can also solder in any corner links and custom length starter leads.

You can provide us with the lengths you need or, even better, a quick sketch of your area with the lengths written on them. We’ll advise you on the best way to wire the strips.

We can speak to your installers or electricians, to answer any questions – before, during and after your project.

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