What happens if I wire a 24v power supply to 12v LED strip lights?

In this video, we discover what happens when you wire a 24v power supply to 12v LED strip lights (excess voltage).

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Wiring a 24v power supply to 12v LED strips can be very dangerous. The effects are that the strip will initially become very hot to touch and after a while you will see the LED strip smoking.

Black burn marks may appear on the LED strip, sections of the LED strips will go out, and if left long enough in the wrong place it could even cause a fire.

Why might you make this mistake, and how can you avoid it?

You may come across this situation when ordering the two components (the power supply and the LED tape) from different suppliers. They may be sent in error, or you may have a project using several different types of power supplies and LED strips and accidentally mix the wrong combination together.

To avoid, always check the voltage on the power supply and the LED strip before installing or before turning them on for the first time.

What happens if I wire a 12v power supply to 24v LED strip lights.

This is less serious than the other way round and will not damage the LED strips. Usually nothing will light up at all, but in some cases the LED strips may be slightly illuminated when closely inspected. With RGB and RGBW LED strips, you will usually see the Red LEDs light up very dully, this is usually a good way to spot that the wrong voltage is being used.

Wiring 24v to 12v LED strip lights can often be the answer to a lot of issues, due to effects such as:

  • why is my LED strip light too hot?
  • Why is my LED strip light damaged?
  • Why is my LED strip light smoking?
  • Is my LED strip light safe?
  • Why are there burn marks on my LED strip?

So be sure if you have any of these issues to turn off your LED strip lights right away and check the voltages match each other!

(Be aware that I am not a qualified electrician, and these are tips for the low voltage side of the power supplies for qualified installers. If you are having any of these issues, please get a qualified electrician to check right away.)

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