What is the difference between IP and Non IP LED Tape

A common question we have asked us is “What is the difference between IP and Non IP LED Tape” it’s a very simple answer but one a lot of people get confused with so read on for the answer.

There are three different types of IP related LED Tape that we sell. The first being the standard IP33, then there is the IP65 and finally we have the IP67 version of our LED Tape range.


What is IP33 then well first me must clarify what IP stands for. IP or Ingress Protection rating is a rating of how resistant a product is from dust and water. Our IP33 rating means it and with stand dust but it is not protected from water or the elements. So it should only be placed in areas that will not be splashed or kicked etc as it could damage the tape and the LED’s on them.



Our IP65 range of LED Tape has a clear heat shrink over the tape to help protect it from splashes of water, can easily be wiped down if things have been spilt over it. So it makes it perfect to be placed around kitchens and bathrooms giving the LED Tape that extract bit of protection.



Our IP67 range of LED Tape is designed to be placed out side or areas where there is water like a swimming pool. The tape is coated in the heat shrink like the IP65 version so it has all the benefits that tape boasts but because it has sealed ends, both at the end and beginning with glue it can be placed outside where the elements will get to it or where water is around. Because it is completely sealed water can not get into the tape can cause it to stop working.


Here is a video showing you the difference between the different tape.

Ingress protection (IP) certified