What wattages of white LED tape are available?

At InStyle LED we stock a large range of white LED tapes for next day delivery. We stock 5 different white shades to cover most project requirements, these white shades are known by their Kelvin scale values.

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We stock the following white LED colour temperatures:

  • 2400k:  very warm white (towards amber on the colour scale)
  • 2700k:  extra warm white (slight yellow tint in colour)
  • 3000k:  warm white (our most popular warm shade – not too warm, no yellow tint)
  • 4000k: neutral white (very popular when you’re unsure which white to choose, this has no yellow or blue tint to it – very true to the description of a natural, neutral white)
  • 6000k: pure / cool white (we like to call this pure white rather than cool white as it has none of the blue tint that is often associated with cool white – think paper white, that’s what our pure white LEDs look like)

We stock each white shade in a choice of 5 different brightnesses to cover most project requirements:

  • 5w p/m   (up to 480 lumens per metre)
  • 10w p/m (up to 960 lumens per metre)
  • 12w p/m (up to 1440 lumens per metre)
  • 20w p/m (up to 1920 lumens per metre)
  • 24w p/m (up to 2800 lumens per metre)

Which strip should I use? What are the benefits of each LED strip?

5w p/m  ideal for highlighting areas, such as plinth lighting, or exhibition stand edges to give a halo glow. This is the most cost effective white LED strip. Usually used as non dimmable.

10w p/m ideal for highlighting areas such as plinth lighting in high level ambient lighting, this is also bright enough to be used as low level working light. Commonly used in covings and drop down ceilings. The option of dimming is usually applied to this strip. 120 LEDs per metre, so it offers better diffusion when in a profile.

12w p/m ideal for working light in covings, usually used with dimming so that it can be used as either main working light or dimmed down to feature lighting levels.

20w p/m Ideal for working light. Most commonly used in a thin profile due to the benefit of 240 LEDs per metre, which produces a complete line of light when looking at the extrusions cover. If you’re looking for complete, smooth light diffusion, this is the product to choose.

24w p/m Ideal where the maximum light is required out of a strip. Large rooms, tall ceilings, high ambient lighting (e,g., a shop window front).  120 LEDs per metre so better diffusion when in a profile

Why InStyle LED?

We stock all of these LED strips for next day delivery.

We can cut and solder your LED strips to exact lengths for you, and can also solder in any corner links and custom length starter leads.

You can provide us with the lengths you need or, even better, a quick sketch of your area with the lengths written on them. We’ll advise you on the best way to wire the strips.

We can speak to your installers or electricians, to answer any questions – before, during and after your project.

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