Architectural Light Design using LED’s

Architectural Light Design using LED’s  is a huge factor to consider when designing a building, with LED using lower power consumption but still producing high brightness, they have become a popular choice with architects designing how they want the building to look.

Lets take a look at some buildings around the country that have used the LED lighting on the outside of the building to create different aesthetic and displays while also cutting down on the amount of energy consumed.

Belfast City Hall

As part of EU’s Illuminate Project the Belfast City Hall installed a new intelligent lighting system that uses LED floodlighting to illuminate the building. There are 433 light fittings which can each be individually controlled, meaning up to 16 million different colour options can be chosen to illuminate the building at night. With the new lighting system able to create these different colour schemes they are able to create colour schemes for important cultural days, such as St Patricks day lighting the building up in green, or a red colour for Valentines day or red and yellow for the Chinese New Year.

Blackpool Tower

The world famous Blackpool Tower was built in 1894 and stands 158m tall, has recently been through an upgrade to its lighting system replacing its 10,000 traditional pygmy light bulbs to 5,508 LED bulbs. The new LED lighting system gives the owners of the tower the flexibility of creating different colour schemes on the tower as the LED’s are able to produce 16.7 million different colour combinations making the tower extremely flexible for different presentations.

London Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge in London had an renovation upgrade replacing its old lighting system to new stat of the art LED lighting, which was completed just in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The bridge also played a big part in the opening for London Olympic and Paraolympic Games.  With the new lighting system installed it cut the energy consumption by 40 per cent.