ART FUTURO – designs with a soul

At the ART FUTURO studio in Stirling, Scotland, Phil and Franziska design and make distinctive and beautiful slate lamps. Their creations use LEDs from InStyle to achieve unique lighting designs.

ART FUTURO products embrace the natural beauty and variety of slate veneer. Its natural diversity opens up endless possibilities – each design is a piece of nature, contemporary in style, with simple and clean lines.

Phil crafting an art futuro design

“The slate we use is simply stunning and every piece is absolutely unique,” says Phil, whose love and fascination with craftsmanship started a a boy growing up in Switzerland, where he spent time with his grandfather, who was a skilled master carpenter and cast-iron model maker.

“We all crave to have our own little niche and we want to express our own, personal style. Our products will make you stand out and give you that little edge.”

Floor lamp foot detail - evening

With an education in Electronics and Mechanical Engineering and a career of senior IT positions that included a leading IT architecture role for the NHS in Scotland before he founded ART FUTURO, it was only natural that Phil would embrace the creative scope that powered LED lighting can offer.

His slate lamp and cube designs use InStyle’s 5-watt commercial grade LED strip lights, in a warm white (3000K) spec. Phil says he chose our LEDs because they’re the best quality products around, with thick durable PCB mountings, high brightness, and consistent light colour.

5-watt warm white LED tape

ART FUTURO regularly attend design events and trade shows, where you can talk to Phil and Franziska and learn a little more about their work, and experience their bewitching and beautiful products up close.

They’ll be at the following events in 2019:

Everything ART FUTURO do is designed and made in their Stirling workshop as a couple. Phil and Franziska use modern technologies, to enable their work and open unprecedented possibilities, but every piece is handmade and the finishing is a manual, labour intensive process.

ART FUTURO – design products with a soul.

You can see some of ART FUTURO’s work in our gallery below, and why not check out their website.

art futuro - designing products with a soul

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