Colour changing Hot!MeSS tour bus!

InStyle’s 15W RGB LED strips have been used to light up the Hot!MeSS tour bus with stunning effect!

Hot!MeSS tour bus lit by RGB LEDs

The Hot!MeSS tour bus is the latest innovation from Hot!MeSS, one of the UK’s fastest growing clothing brands. The tour bus will be visiting cities all across the country, giving customers a chance to purchase Hot!MeSS clothes and their latest collections right off the rack. They’ll even get a chance to meet the Hot!MeSS team led by singer/songwriter Tayla-Blue.

InStyle LED are renowned for quality LED lighting products, and this was one of the reasons Tayla highlighted when choosing our lights for the tour bus. Another bonus was the fact both companies are local to each other in Leicestershire.

What was used:

LED strip lights used in hotmess tourbus

InStyle’s 15-watt RGB LED strips were fitted in a custom-made pelmet, all around the top of the tour bus’s interior. The pelmet made installation simple, and occluded the LEDs so customers wouldn’t see the diodes, just the stunning lighting effects they create. The LED tape shines downwards onto white canvas, an ideal surface for the light to reflect off and produce intense colour.

The effect is striking, offering complete changes in colour and mood at the touch of a button . Light from the LEDs completely washes the inside of the tour bus, and enables the girls of Hot!MeSS to select any shade of any colour. The easy-to-use LED remote controller even lets them run colour scrolls, adjust brightness and mix white light. The remote doesn’t need to be ‘line of site’ with the LED receiver, so the receiver and transformer are tucked together in a cupboard, out of sight.

InStyle supplied all of the RGB LED strips pre-cut to length and soldered, from a scale drawing Tayla supplied. InStyle also pre-soldered starter leads and linking cables onto each LED tape, which the installation a quick and easy task for the electrician.

All in all, the tour-bus lighting is exactly what Tayla hoped for. And we’re very proud of the results too!

Check out our project video here!

Hot!MeSS tour-bus video - RGB LEDs

RGB LED strips mixing red light in hotmess tour bus

Green LED Strip lighting used in Hotmess Tour bus

Hotmess Tour bus

Purple LED Tape lights used in hotmess tour bus

Cyan LED strip lights used in hotmess tour bus