Coming Attractions – InStyle on screen

Last year, InStyle LED supplied lights and expertise to Let’s Be Evil, the hot new British sci-fi thriller directed by Martin Owen.

The film finished shooting at the end of last year. Producer Jonathan Willis has just told us that post-production and editing are nearly complete now, and Let’s Be Evil will be out soon.

Green LED lights frame the shot on the Let's Be Evil set

Martin Owen describes his film as, “a science-fiction thriller about augmented-reality glasses. It’s basically about the U.S. government deciding to test these glasses on a group of young children, and we follow three adult chaperones who go into this facility; they’re purely there to keep an eye on the kids. However, the augmented reality starts to have an adverse effect…”

Let's Be Evil - the movie

Lights, action!

The production’s location – deep inside a decommissioned nuclear bunker at Kelvedon Hatch, Essex – used a massive 240 metres of our 15-watt RGB LED strip lights. Cinematographer Chase Bowman’s team set up a wireless DMX network for control, enabling the lighting to be programmed on-set through a laptop, rather than from a lighting desk inconveniently out of sight of the action.

The lighting design makes full use of the RGB LEDs’ colour-changing functions. At the beginning, the underground location is split into two lighting zones (blue and yellow) – but as the story develops, Chase explains, “the colour rules go out the window and the facility is a rainbow of pulsing and fading colour.”

Horizontal and vertical LEDs in this striking bedroom film-set

This blue-sector bedroom is lit by eight 2-metre LED fixtures, four horizontal and four vertical. The vertical strips ran a repeated cycle of colours, from cyan to magenta, while the horizontals were set to blue all the time to keep the effect from being visually overwhelming.

With a cast that includes Isabelle Allen (Les Miserables) and Kara Tointon (EastEnders, Mr Selfridge), Let’s Be Evil will be released very soon. We’re excited to see it!

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