Cutting and soldering the LED tape

When you purchase the InStyle LED tape you maybe required to cut and solder the LED Tape or you may not. This is all down to how you order the LED tape.

Each LED tape is different in the fact that various types have different cut points, some are IP rated and others are not, it is all down to what you require and order. However when ordering the LED tape from InStyle LED we can do all the cutting and soldering for you so you only simply need to wire the system together.

High-powered RGB LED strips without resin

Ordering Cut lengths

When ordering you can state the exact lengths that you require (to the nearest cut point) and even the length of the starter lead on each strip that you require. If the LED tape is the IP67 type we can cut to length and fully IP again for you.

The LED tapes each have different cut points, here they are:

Single colour 5w:         Every 50mm
Single colour 10w:       Every 50mm
Single colour 15w:       Every 100mm
Single colour 20w:       Every 50mm

RGB 7.2w 12v:           Every 100mm
RGB 7.2w 24v:           Every 200mm
RGB 14.4w:                Every 100mm

When ordering your LED tapes cut to length they need to be cut to the nearest cut point so we can either  round up or down on your request.

Cutting and soldering the LED tape yourself

The cutting and soldering of the LED tape can be done in the following easy steps:

Cutting the LED tape

  1. Simply cut the LED tape along the ‘cut’ line

Cutting the LED tape and soldering a starter lead

  1. Cut the LED tape along the ‘cut’ line
  2. Get your stripped starter lead cable and solder the cable to the solder pads making sure you solder the + to the + and the – to the – (this should be labelled on the board of the LED tape very small) For RGB there is + and the R (red), G (green), B (blue).

Cutting the LED tape and soldering to another piece of LED tape

  1. Cut the LED tape along the cut line
  2. Cut the LED tape circular solder pads in half on both pieces of the LED tape that your are joining
  3. Put the 2 pieces of LED tape up together so the half pieces of the circular solder pads make a whole
  4. Run solder onto the circular pads until full and joined to complete the circuit