Explaining the IP rating of the LED tape

When its comes to you selecting your LED tape there are many choices to choose from. Once you have selected your colour, the wattage etc you will then have the choice of what IP rating to choose from.

A choice of IP ratings for your LED tape

The IP rating is the resistance of the product to certain scenarios. For example dust and more importantly water. There are many different IP ratings, here are the main few that you may have heard of:

IP 33 – When selecting LED tape this basically means there is no resistance to water

IP 65 – This means the LED tape is splash proof but not submersible

IP 67 – This means the LED tape is fully waterproof but not recommended to be submersed.

IP 68 – Fully waterproof and submersible

When a customer is looking to choose which IP rating they require they need to think about what application they will be using the LED’s for and where they are going. For example if you where going to install them in a bathroom where there would be steam and water we recommend the IP67 type. If it is to be fitted outside we also recommend the IP67 LED tape.

Here at InStyle LED we have vigorously tested all types of the LED tape and there are various ways of making the it IP rated. These include, resin coated, heat-shrink coated and other options.

After all of our testing we now supply 2 products. Quite simply non waterproof and waterproof (non submersible).

We supply un-coated LED tape this is technically IP 33 and is ideal for internal applications where no resistance to steam or water is required.

We then also supply waterproof IP67 in a heat-shrink coating. This type is ideal to be used in bathrooms, externally and anywhere where Resistance to water is required but cannot be permanently submersed (in ponds etc)

The advantages of the heat shrink coated are the following:

  • No output reduction
  • No discolouration over time
  • No heat problems
  • Extremely thin
  • Easy to work with (once cut and soldered which we are happy to do for you)
  • Can simply reseal

Warning avoid resin coated LED tape:

Old-fashioned resin-covered LED tape has been replaced by clear heatshrink
Left: Resin coated LED tape that dangerously burnt out. Right: Some resin LED tape before being used
  • Discolours overtime
  • Fire hazard – can overheat the LED tape and burn out
  • Becomes brittle in cold weather
  • Hard to work with

You also have to remember once the IP rated LED tape is cut it loses it’s IP rating unless you proper seal the LED tape. Here at InStyle LED we can cut and solder and supply the LED tape in lengths as you require. For any questions or advise please call 0116 2799083