High quality LED Tape vs Low quality LED Tape – InStyle LED

There are many different types of LED tape on the market. As there are more and more suppliers of the Led tape on-line it is getting harder to determine which LED tape is quality and which isn’t. You would also want to make sure you are buying the right type of Led tape for your application. For example if you are a professional company looking to use LED strip in a chain of shops to be run 24 hours a day then you certainly would want the Instyle commercial grade LED tape and not the cheap alternative that is ideal for low budget home installations. It is getting harder to understand which is commercial grade and which isn’t on-line as the specification maybe exactly the same however the components can be of completely different grade – Just like a speaker, they may both look exactly the same, however if you paid £50 for a speaker or £500 for a speaker you certainly wouldn’t put the £50 speaker in a commercial club even though they look exactly the same.
High-quality commercial grade vs low quality LED strip lights

Warning!- when buying LED tape from unbranded cheap alternatives.

  • LED strip may look the same but there are various qualities. Only 3 companies in the UK supply commercial grade LED Tape, ourselves, Collingwood lighting and Aurora lighting – we are the cheapest.
  • Chinese LED alternatives may look the same but are 30% less bright
  • Chinese LED alternatives say 50,000 hours but last as little as 2000 hours
  • Alternative LED strips are not colour batched and may have colour issues within the reel and from one reel to the next. (Massive problem in big installs)
  • Thin PCB to save on cost meaning possibility of overheating LED burn out and reducing life
  • Resin coated LED tape can burn out and is a fire hazard! -Resin LED Tape
  • Overpowering of the resistors to give initial brightness that matches commercial grade but soon burns out

Advantages of buying Instyle LED strip:

Here are a few bullet points to help you understand the difference between commercial grade Instyle LED Tape and the cheap alternatives

  • Commercial grade LED strip
  • 50,000hour life expectancy
  • 2 ounce PCB board for better heat dispersion and longer life
  • Premium Branded LED’s
  • Premium components
  • Colour batched LED’s within reel
  • Colour batched from reel to reel
  • 30% brighter than Chinese alternatives
  • Over 25 years’ experience in the lighting industry
  • Fit and forget products
  • Lowest price in the UK for commercial LED tape
  • UK’s largest supplier of commercial LED tape
  • Full customer service and advice on installs
  • Excellent after service
  • 2 year warranty

InStyle's premium-brand customers

Instyle LED’s commercial grade LED strip is ideal for:

  • Processional companies
  • Commercial grade applications (hotels, shops, sign-age etc)
  • Premium home installs
  • Small projects looking for a premium grade strip
  • Large projects
  • Any Install looking for the LED tape to last 10 years +

Alternative LED strip is ideal for:

  • Low budget home installs
  • Installs looking for the product to only last one year
  • Very small projects