How can you tell the quality of an LED power supply – and which power supply should I choose for my LED strip lights?

How can you tell the quality of an LED power supply. And which type should you choose to drive your LED strip lights?  

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Which LED power supply to choose?

In general terms, LED power supplies can be divided into around four different types.

  • Laptop Style:

These are usually very cost-effective power supplies for domestic use, supplied with a DC plug connector on the end.

  • Enclosed:

These are ideal for internal use, and safe to install and use without a protective box. They have terminals with protective end caps.

  • IP Rated:

Splashproof and ideal for external use. These power supplies are connected via have hardwired cables in and out.

  • Open Terminal:

These power supplies need to be secured in a racking system or an enclosed area ( check with an electrician). They have cooling fans that can be noisy. You should generally avoid this type of transformer where possible.

How can I tell if a LED power supply is a high-quality product?

This can be very hard to tell, but there are some top tips…

  • Know your brands: – We supply power supplies by Meanwell and InPower. Both have been around for many years, and we know from long experience that these brands have an extremely high reliability rate.
  • Check the warranty: – This is a great indicator of quality. We offer 5-year warranties on all of our LED power supplies – if the product is good, then the supplier will back it up!
  • Check the price: – Obviously we all want the best product for the cheapest price but this isn’t always how it works. At InStyle, we are extremely competitive on our power supplies but if a power supply is for sale for half the price than 90% of the industry then you can usually be sure it will not be the same quality as a product that costs more than that to manufacture & test. Always check out the going rate across several suppliers to get a good sense of prices.

What are the benefits of a high-quality power supply?

  • Long life
  • High reliability
  • You do not want your LED lights to last 10 years but the power supply to last only 1! A good power supply can last 10 years or more.
  • Also there is a cost into going back to each project to swap over the power supply!

How can I tell how long the LED power supply will last?

Please read the above notes again (How can I tell if the LED power supply is a good quality?)

Most important among the points raised there is to look out for 5 year warranty 

Why do some power supplies have fans, some are open terminal, and some are enclosed terminal? 

See above (Which LED power supply to choose?)

Which is best for home use?

Check out these products:


Which is best for commercial use?

Check out these products:

Which is best for external use?

Check out these products:

Which is best for internal use?

Check out these products:

Please do always check with an qualified electrician before installing. This is simply a guide and I am not a qualified electrician 

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