How to solder LED strips and cables

When purchasing LED Tape from us you can either tell us the lengths you need for your project or you can cut and solder your own lengths. If you would like to do this yourself but you are unsure exactly how, then read on.


Items and tools you will need to solder your own LED Tape

  1. Your LED Tape (We are using 5w White LED Tape)
  2. 2 Core Cable
  3. Wire Strippers
  4. Scissors
  5. Lead Free Solder
  6. Soldering Iron

To solder cable onto your LED Tape follow these instructions:

Step 01.

Strip your 2 core cable to reveal a small amount of the copper strands.


Step 02.

Take your soldering iron and your solder and solder onto the exposed copper strands.


Step 03.

Take your LED Tape and place the tip onto the + copper pad and bring your solder to it to create a pool of solder on the pad. Do the same for the – pad.


Step 04.

Take your 2 core cable and place the positive cable (will be one of the following colours, Red, Brown or Black) and use your soldering iron to heat the solder so that mold together. Then do the same for the negative cable (Colours will be Blue or White).


To solder Tape to Tape follow these instructions:

Step 01.

Using your scissors trim back the tape by cutting halfway through the copper pads on both pieces of LED Tape.


Step 02.

Place both pieces of tape together making sure the + and +, – and – pads join together (otherwise one side will not work) and take your soldering iron and solder the tapes together with a pool of solder making the bridge between them.


Here is a video guide on the process so you can see for yourself.

Soldering LED tapes