Ideas for using LED tape in your home

Are you thinking of installing LED tape, but you’re not sure where you should start? Well, we’ve come up with some great ideas for each of the rooms in your house.

In the Living Room

Lounge with LED coving & backlighting

How about we start with the heart of your house, the living room?

To achieve the best effects, you should look for places where you can hide the LED tape from view to create some striking feature lighting. Examples might include enhancing architectural features, such as alcoves, coving and the fire place. If you have a wall-mounted television then why not mount some colour-changing tape to the back of the set to throw a splashback lighting effect onto the wall behind. If your living room has bookshelves, then consider adding hidden led tape between the shelves to make them into an attractive feature.

In the Kitchen


The kitchen is probably the most popular single location for LED tape installations in the home. Kitchen LEDs can provide both practical working light or aesthetically pleasing feature illumination, when mounted under cabinets or at ground level as plinth lighting.

You could also add the lights to your cabinet surfaces, creating a halo effect.

In the Dining Room

A 12v dimmer switch with a single-colour tape could be a good place to start with your dining room LED lighting project. This easy-to-install combination will let you adjust the ambience of your room.

Do you often entertain guests? Then it could be a fun touch to install colour-changing LED tapes. You could even let your guests set the colour of your lights for the night!

In the Bathroom

InStyle can supply IP67-rated (waterproof) LED tape – perfect for bathroom LED light strips. Installed into cupboards or at floor level, a bathroom LED light array will create an appealing glow effect.

Or you can turn your bathroom mirror into a focal point for the room, by fitting your bathroom LED light strips around its edge to produce a halo effect.

LED strips light this ensuite bathroom

In the Bedroom

Your bed’s headboard is a good place to install an LED tape feature in the bedroom. It will let you create a soft ambient halo effect – and if you also add a 12-volt dimmer switch to this setup, you’ll be able to control your lights and create a variety of lighting levels and effects.

In the Porch

As LED tape can be waterproofed to an IP67 rating, why not consider adding the tape to your porch for a more welcoming look? Or you could even install colour-changing tape, ready for the christmas holiday period!

In the Garden

Garden LED lights

Even though your garden isn’t really part of the house, it can still benefit from an imaginative LED tape installation. You can draw focus to feature areas of the garden, such as a water feature – or you can simply highlight the edge of your garden footpath in the evening. As with porch and bathroom LED light projects, you should use waterproof IP67-rated LED tape and transformers for all outdoor installs.

Warm white LED lights are an excellent choice to use within traditional interiors. Or if you have a more contemporary-style home then cool white lights may be a better colour choice for you. You should also choose the appropriate IP rating when you buy your LED tape.

And make sure you have the right power supply (transformer) to drive the amount of LED tape that you are fitting. Remember that you can run more than one length of tape from the same driver!