Installing LED strips into a sky light

We’ve got some handy tips for installing LED strip lights in your sky light 

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How to install LED strips into a sky light

When installing LED strip lights into a sky light, you will need a ledge for the LEDs to rest on. The LED strips themselves are up to 12mm wide, and you would usually require an aluminium profile too (up to a further 20mm in width).

The ledge the LEDs rest on should have a lip at its edge, to hide the profile and LEDs. That way, you won’t see the light source, only the effect.

As LEDs project their light, you’ll need to position them so they shine onto a surface and not onto the glass of the skylight. (This is because the glass will not pick up the light.) For example, if the LED strip is at the bottom of the opening shining up onto a surface of, say, 300mm and the LEDs are hidden from sight, you’ll get an amazing glow on the whole 300mm of the wall, all the way around and below the skylight window.

If you do not have a ledge for the LEDs, then you can rout out the wall and insert a recessed extrusion. This will mean your LEDs will be diffused by the LED extrusion’s cover so that you’ll see a continuous beam of light rather than ugly ‘dotting’.

Follow this link for more detail.

We have other extrusions here.

InStyle LED can make the strips to exact sizes for you, ready to install. So if you have the sizes of the sky light please email them to us, with any pictures of the sky light, and we can advise.

Golden light from RGBW LEDs in this skylight

How to avoid the LED strip lights reflection in the glass

If the LED strips are on the ledge shining upwards onto the glass then you will see the LED strips’ dots reflected. To prevent this, use a deep extrusion. The extrusion cover will diffuse the LEDs and create a continuous beam of light when looked at, in this case in the reflection.

See these links for more about recessed LED extrusions: 

How to wire LED strip lights for a sky light

This all depends on the size of your sky light.

Here are some wiring examples:

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