It’s a New Year, time for an upgrade to RGB LED strip lights

It’s a brand new year and its rather cold, but it’s a time of new year resolutions and making a change for the year a head. So how about giving your living room (or any other room in your house) an update by installing some RGB LED strip lights.

The brand new year is here, Christmas is over we’ve all put a little bit of weight on and the new years resolutions have started. You might be thinking of bringing in a little bit of change into your household and RGB LED strip lights are a perfect way to update your house and can cater for all sorts of occasions.

A recent project we were involved with was an install of the RGB LED strip lights into a living room so that the customer could illuminate their living room and have the control on the colour and brightness. This is one of the benefits the RGB LED strip lights bring to the table and because they are LED’s they feature all the benefits LED’s bring (longer lifespan, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, durability, low voltage).

photo (3)

In this recent project the RGB LED strip lights were installed around the ceiling edge giving a smooth beam of light illuminating the room with a selected colour, setting a tone or mood for the room. As this installation used RGB lighting different colours can be selected from the primary colours Red, Green and Blue, but you can also select colours in between and even Warm White and Cool White.

photo (4)


In the photo above you can see how changing the colour of the RGB lights can change the look and feel of the room setting the mood for when you have guests over for dinner, or having a party. You can even set the the lights to change over time during the course of the night or have them reacting to music when having a party.

photo (1)

In this above photo you can see how the LED tape has been used to create a feature on the ceiling become more of a focus with the light shining out from behind it making it look like it is just hovering there. You can use this technique on other objects or furniture you have within the room to bring focus to them and make them a feature of the room. This technique works really well behind the television set you have hanging on the wall, or along a bookcase or shelf.



If you are thinking of adding our RGB LED strip lights to one of your rooms or maybe even all of them, you can contact us on 0116 2799 083 or via email [email protected] and our friendly sales staff will help you decided what is best for your project and what you need to achieve your goal.