LED ball of light

An Youtube user named WarArt1000 has created this impressive looking LED Ball of light with 256 LED’s in total.

LED ball of light fabrication - 256 diodes!

This impressive LED project was constructed using 256 individual LED lights, that can each be programmed to create a variety of different patterns and displays. The ball itself is made up of 16 different panels – which are not only the circuit boards on which the LEDs are mounted, but also the ball’s supporting structure as well (the circumference of the ball is 10 centimeters).

To make the ball actually work, the core of the central ‘brain’/controller is an Arduino unit powered by two AA batteries.

If you check out the video above, you’ll see a close up of the ball with the circuit boards acting as the frame and all 256 LEDs placed around the edges. The ball is then switched on and the white LEDs begin to light up sequentially, creating different patterns which are all preprogrammed into the firmware. Because the ball can be programmed as you like, there are many different ways in which the lights can be set to run; it’s really up to your imagination.

By changing the single-colour LEDs to an RGB set-up, you could create even more options in which to light the ball!

Take a look at the video above and here is the link to the project details.