LED Light Paintings becoming popular

LED Light Paintings are becoming popular with artists over on Flickr, with people playing with different colours and creating different effects using different types of LED lights.

A user on Flickr named pHotosHoOx has been experimenting with different LED light sources and different colours to create interesting light paintings. The above photo is of an LED man with his arms out and what looks like he is using a whip, with his body made up of different colours. Using these different colours makes the image much more interesting and rich than just using one colour.

Here are a few more examples of this users work:



Using different colour LED lights to create this fireworks display

Green LED Man

Green LED Man

Using just a green light LED to create this green giant man, with some blue lights to create the eyes and mouth.

Fountain of light

Fountain of Light

White LED light to create a fountain of light over a man

Images from Flickr user pHotosHoOx