LED Lighting VS Light Bulbs

We have all heard how LED lighting is more efficient than the traditional Incandescent light bulb but by exactly how much and how much longer do LED’s last exactly? Well here we have compared the different types of lighting avaialbe today for in the home so you can really see for yourself…

Non-Halogen Halogen CFL LED
Lumens per watt 11lm 12lm 58lm 75lm
Brand Philips Philips Philips Instyle LED
Model R63 ES Spot GU10 BC Genie 1 Metre of 15W LED Tape
Wattage 40W 50W 14W 14.4W
Voltage 230V 230V 230V 24V
Lumens 430lm 600lm 810lm 1080lm
Average life 1000 hours 1000 hours 8000 hours 50,000 hours