LED lights to create light paintings

Known as ‘Darius Twin’, Darren Pearson is an artist/photographer from San Diego who uses LED lights to create light paintings.

To make these images, Darren has to find an area which is secluded, like an empty highway or an empty warehouse space. Once he’s found an area, he positions his camera and sets it to a long exposure mode. Standing in front of the camera with an LED light, he starts by quickly tracing the outline of the image he’s going to draw. To achieve this, he must move quickly – because if he stays in one place for too long, he’ll end up in the image himself which will destroy the picture. So there’s a lot of skill involved in this process!

Creating these images can be a long, painstaking process. If Darren makes a mistake and is caught by the camera, the whole process has to start again from the beginning. So creating a piece of art like this can take several attempts before Darren captures exactly the image he wants.

Here is a video showing Darren creating one of his light paintings:

LED lights creating light paintings