LED Wake boarding

Earlier this year, photographers and athletes were taking part in Red Bull Illume’s photo competition. And one entry from Photographer Patrick Rochon used LED Wake boarding for its theme.

The shoot took place In Orlando, Florida’s OWC Cable Park in the evening, after the park had closed to the public. Rochon used the opportunity to take pics of the wake boarders doing their tricks using a modified board enhanced with LEDs.

Of course, with every project there are going to be challenges involved in capturing the right shots. One such problem was how to expose the high-speed shots of the boarders doing their tricks in the dark, and another was positioning the camera in the right way in which to take the shots. A more practical issue for this shoot was modifying the board so that the LED Tape would be completely waterproof – because if water should get into the lighting system then the shoot would be instantly over.

Solving these questions needed lots of extensive planning and preparation beforehand, but Rochon was focused on the project and he knew that the athletes would rise to the challenge. Check out the video below to see a behind the scenes look at the shoot.

Wake boarders using a modified board with LEDs