LED Xbox 360 Toaster mod

What do you get if you combine and Xbox 360 and a toaster together? Why… you get this amazing LED Xbox 360 Toaster mod of course!

Yes you did read that right, a YouTube user named ncarouso11 has indeed taken out all the guts from an Xbox 360 and reinstalled them into a 4-slice kitchen toaster. Take a look at the video below and you will see that when the Xbox 360 toaster (dubbed XToaster360) is turned on, blue LED strip lights are turned on. When the controller is powered up, it syncs with the system and the connection with the controller is shown on the front of the toaster with a blue LED indicator (instead of the traditional green colour).

On the left hand side of the toaster (where the levers to insert your bread would usually be), you’ll see a small button has been added. This acts as the ‘eject’ button for the DVD drive. Pressing the button pops the drive tray out on the opposite side of the toaster, for you to load in one of your games and start playing.

When you’ve had enough playing time on the XToaster360, it turns off exactly like a normal Xbox 360 – either through the controller or by simply pressing the power button. When the console turns off the blue LED’s also turn off, leaving the console waiting for you to come and play again!

Check out the video of the XToaster360:

Xbox 360 toaster mod with blue LED strips