RGB LED Tape used in mobile bars

Instyle’s RGB LED Tape used in mobile bars to light up the front with stunning effect

The customer was looking for a thin and flexible light source, bright enough to wash down the front of their prestigious mobile bars. He also wanted to be able to change the colour of the bars if they were all together or individual. There was a total of 4 x 3m bars. John from InStyle LED had just the product for the project. He recommended the RGB 14.4w RGB LED Tape to be controlled via the Multizone control system.

InStyle supplied each bar with 3m of the 14.4w RGB LED Tape, a 60w transformer and a Multizone receiver. One Multizone controller was supplied.

With this system the customer had the option to supply the portable bars to his functions in either single form or up to all 4 bars together. The customer could control one bar on it’s own, or if all 4 bars were being used then the one Multizone controller could control all 4 bars synchronised and wirelessly. Each bar does not need to connect together with each other to be controlled via the one Multizone controller. The one controller can also select all 4 bars to do different settings to each other and so on!

LED Bar using RGB 14.4w LED Tape 5050 SMD

LED bar using RGB 14.4w LED Tape to wash down the front

The above image is using colour changing RGB LED Tape using the blue setting. The LED Tape has been placed under the bar top so that the lights can shine down and illuminate the front of the bar. The LED Tape used is also IP67 waterproof as well to make sure that if any spillage happens over the time of use the LEDs won’t be affected by the liquid. The tape has a heat shrink cover over the LEDs which has been sealed at both ends to give it extra protection.

LED Bar using colour changing RGB 14.4w LED Tape 5050 SMD

LED Bar using colour changing LED TApe

This image above gives you a better look at the bar and the LEDs shining down.

You can also use LED Tape almost anywhere from hotels to bars to home. InStyle LED can supply the LED Tape cut to lengths as you require and can offer you technical advise from start to finish.

Our 7.5w and 15w RGB LED tape has also been used in a bar project for Suffolk weddings, be sure to check it out!