RGBW LED light panels controlled via DMX – Retro Bar Cardiff

Behind the scenes! – RGBW LED light panel controlled via DMX

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Project overview

Our customers at Cardiff’s Retro Bar were looking to create a stunning controllable feature above a nightclub dancefloor on a reasonable budget. He wanted light panels to change colour, and the option to choose different programmes as the night goes on. (More upbeat later on in the evening.)

He wanted a simple controller that the DJ can control at the press of a button.

We wired 21 of our LED light panels and created 8 scenes (programmed lighting sequences). Then we loaded them onto a DMX glass-fronted wall controller. You can touch the button to move to the next scene.

The products

21 x RGBW LED light panels – 600mm x 600mm

21 x DMX receivers – https://www.instyleled.co.uk/4-channel-dmx-512-receiver-standard-power/

2 x power supplies – https://www.instyleled.co.uk/400-watt-ip67-led-tape-transformer/

Bespoke DMX programming (we programmed the 8 scenes inhouse, using Sunlight software, and loaded them onto the DMX wall controller)


We prewired the goods and tested them, to confirm everything was working before dispatch.

  • The 21 receivers were each paired to their own LED ceiling light panel, using 5 -ore cable.
  • The receivers were split across the two power supplies (so 10 on one transformer and 11 on the other).
  • Cat-5 cable was used between each receiver, and to connect to the wall controller.
  • The wall controller drew power from its power supply, wired to the mains (240V).


The controller is a sleek DMX glass wall controller (replay unit), loaded with the scenes we programmed through Sunlight software.

This allows the scenes to be selected through the controller, at the touch of the button.


Our inhouse DMX programmer spoke to the client to find out exactly what he was looking for. From this, he created bespoke programmes, including light colours, speeds, dimming level and patterns.

These sequences can be adjusted at anytime in the future by simply reprogramming the controller. This allows the customer to have endless patterns, as he thinks of them for the future.

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What we can do

  • We can talk to the customer at the beginning of the project, to assist and offer our experience of what installation approach would work, how best to control a new LED array, and to find the most cost effective solution for the project.
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Why InStyle LED?

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You can provide us with the lengths or, even better, a quick sketch of your area with the lengths written on them, and we can advise the best way to wire the strips.

We can speak to any installers, before, during and after your project to answer any questions.

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