Using a DMX wall controller with LED strip lights

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Using a DMX wall controller with LED strip lights – InStyle LED’s CT-DMX-1

The CT-DMX-1 controller:

InStyle LED’s DMX controller panel lets you manage and adjust any RGB product using the DMX 512 protocol. The wall controller offers a range of functionality – including colour selection, colour scrolling at different speeds, and even changing colours to the beat of music through a built-in microphone.

This DMX 512 controller is simple to use, and very effective! With just three simple rotary control-knobs you can create an impressive range of effects:

  • Left knob – enables you to simply select any static colour shade you require.
  • Middle knob – gives you 0-100% smooth dimming control.
  • Right knob – 12 pre-programmed settings… from colour scrolls to pastel colours to strobing and ‘sound to light’.

If you need DMX control for a project using our RGBW colour-changing LEDs, then check out our DMX RGBW LED wall controller sister-product.

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