Conservatory, Jacuzzi & Kitchen – multizone RGBW LEDs

Project Description

Here’s an excellent showcase for multizone LED colour-control lighting – an inspiring conservatory / jacuzzi project, lit by a combination of 10-watt and 20-watt RGBW LED strip lights (warm-white option).

The installation is complemented by additional LED downlights and uplights, all offering independently-controlled feature-lighting.

Conservatory – multizone LED control

All RGBW LEDs in the conservatory area are controlled through one convenient remote controller.

With the capacity to manage up to eight lighting-zones independently, this flexible and economic device can also store favourite colour-mixes (called ‘scenes’), instantly toggle primary colours between 0% and 100% brightness, mix colour via an easy-to-use colour-wheel, and run a range of striking preprogrammed lighting effects.

Though it’s not used in this installation, the multizone controller can also control control-changing LEDs via a wifi hub (with the addition of a wifi adaptor unit).

This arrangement enables connection and control though an app running on a smartphone or tablet.

LED strip lights – lighting-zone 1

The conservatory’s LED strip-lights are 10-watt RGBW LED tapes, a total of 18 metres in length. A warm-white chip was chosen for ‘white’ component of the RGBW quad LED (3,000 Kelvin).

These LED strips are powered by a single 200-watt LED driver (IP67-rated, to protect against moisture from the adjacent jacuzzi). To control the LEDs, ‘zone 1’ on the multizone remote is used, after pairing via RF to a 4-channel LED receiver.

LED downlights – lighting-zone 2

‘Zone 2’ of the multizone remote controller is paired with six colour-change LED downlights.

Housed in a standard MR16-fitting unit, these downlights mix light at source (behind the lens) with high-quality Luxeon LEDs that pack all three colours onto one single chip. They’re available with a choice of lens options –15, 25 or 40 degrees – offering wider/tighter beams.

The downlights’ in/out RJ45 sockets are daisy-chained using cat-5 cables to a single power supply.

Lighting zones 1 and 2 can be controlled independently or synchronized and controlled together, all through the multzone LED remote controller.

LED Uplights – Feature

To complete the conservatory’s lighting palette, the owner installed neutral-white (4000K) LED bulbs as uplights.

Intended as highlights, these single-colour bulbs are controlled via a wall-mounted panel.

Jacuzzi room – LED downlights

All lighting in the conservatory’s jacuzzi room comes from eight RGB LED downlights. Even though they’re more often used for accent lights and highlighting, they provide plenty of light and atmosphere for this calming space.

The downlights are controlled via the same multizone LED remote as the conservatory lights (they’re set up as ‘zone 3’), and powered by a specialist (non-standard) 48V driver. The remote’s RF signal is passed to the LEDs through one of our constant-current receivers.

Kitchen – DMX control

LEDs in the kitchen area are managed through a wired wall-controller via DMX (rather than the RF remote). They provide all the light the room requires (background and work-lights).

The kitchen lights were first fitted as a separate project a few years ago, originally without DMX.

We have another case-study of that first installation, including the video below…