Colour-Change LEDs – RGB, RGBW, dual-white lights in stock

Instyle LED’s colour-changing RGB LED strip lights are a thin and flexible PCB light source. With either 30 or 60 high-brightness LEDs per metre, they create a smooth and eye-catching effect when illuminating any surface – making them the ideal choice for a vast range of applications.

Each SMD comprises red, green and blue diodes. (RGBW LED tapes have an additional fourth white chip.) When linked to one of our controllers, the diodes mix light – so you can select any colour you need, including white.

RGB LED light bar area

InStyle’s LED strip lights use high-quality commercial grade branded Epistar SMDs, which are diffused to give better colour mixing and clearer whites.

What light colours can my colour-changing LED tape mix?

Colour-changing RGB LED strip lights have the ability to produce any shade of any colour by mixing the primary colours red, green and blue, only limited by the sensitivity of the RGB controller you’re using. By combining all three colours equally, LED tape can also produce a pure white.
Mixing colours with RGB LEDs

What are the differences between RGB LED strip lights and RGBW LED strip lights?

RGBW LED strips gives you more colour control than ever.

InStyle LED’s 20-watt RGBW LED tape has 60 LEDs per metre. Unlike RGB LED strip lights, each diode houses four LED chips of different colours (RGBW stands for ‘red, green, blue, white’). Once installed, you’ll be able to select any shade in the spectrum by mixing red, green and blue… along with the option of a perfect white light from dedicated white LEDs.

And having an additional white chip in each LED also opens up an unlimited range of pastel colours that the three primary colours couldn’t create on their own, as well as the ability to mix whites with a subtle hint of colour.


How do I set and adjust my colour-changing LED strip lights?

There’s a wide range of options when it comes to choosing RGB/RGBW controllers and professional control gear. Some of our most popular controllers are described below. You can see more choices by visiting our product pages.

DMX: InStyle stocks 4-channel DMX 512 decoders, made to work with both our RGB and RGBW LED strip lights. They’ll allow you to use your own DMX controller, or one of our DMX touch wall-panel controllers. DMX control lets you manage your lights with your own computer software, a night club DMX desk, a touch panel or any other compatible interface. The choices are endless.
RF Multizone controller: Our multizone controller will let you select any shade of any colour, control separate zones (up to 10) independently, fully dim your LEDs, programme colour scrolls, and much more – all wirelessly!
RF Touchpanel: With our touchpanel controller, you can manage up to 4 zones independently, selecting any colour. And you can fully dim your LEDs, programme colour scrolls and more.

How bright is InStyle’s RGB LED tape? Which brightness of RGB LED tape should I use for my application?

Our standard 7.2w RGB LED strip lights are a great choice for feature lighting. With 30 LEDs per metre, they will output up to 500 lumens p/m – perfect for covings, plinths, under cabinets, and other highlights.

Our powerful 14.4w RGB LED tape (60 LEDs p.m.) outputs up to 1000 lumens per metre. That’s enough to provide the light you need in locations with a lot of ambient illumination – so it’s ideal for high-brightness working light and feature-lighting projects such as wall washing, and clubs, bars and restaurants.

Our RGBW LED tape has 60 LEDs p.m., drawing 19.2w and producing a big 1330 lumens at full brightness. Set it to white light and it’s perfect for extra bright working light, kitchen cabinet under-lighting and a huge range of other projects.

7.5W RGB LED Tape

  • 7.5-watt RGB LED tape

15W RGB LED Tape

  • 15-watt RGB LED tape


  • 10-watt RGBW LED tape


  • 20-watt RGBW LED tape

RGB/RGBW LED features compared

7.5 Watt RGB Tape 15 Watt RGB Tape 10 Watt RGBW Tape 20 Watt RGBW Tape
Voltage: 12V or 24V 24V 12V 24V
LEDs per metre: 30 60 30 60
Colours: Mix any colour Mix any colour Mix any colour;
Warm / pure white options
Mix any colour;
Warm / pure white options
Brightness (max): 540 lumens p.m. 1080 lumens p.m. 665 lumens p.m. 1330 lumens p.m.
Max length of single tape-run: 6m (12V);
10m (24V)
6m 6m 6m

Are colour-changing LED strip lights waterproof?

colour LED tape is available in waterproof versions

If you’re working on a bathroom or an exterior project, we offer waterproof (IP67 certified) versions of all our RGB/RGBW LED tape range.

What are the dimensions of colour-changing LED strip lights?

Colour-changing RGB/RGBW LED tapes are supplied as standard in the following reel lengths:

7.5w 12v RGB: 5m reels 10mm wide & 3mm high
7.5w 24v RGB: 10m reels 10mm wide & 3mm high
15w 24v RGB: 5m reels 12mm wide & 3mm high
20w 24v RGBW: 5m reels 12mm wide & 3mm high

Please add approx 0.5mm to height and width for waterproof (IP-rated) LED strips, which have an additional very thin heatshrink coating.

If you know the exact length(s) you need, let us know and InStyle will cut/solder your LED strips to your requirements. We can also pre-solder starter-leads to connect to your power supply, and linking cables to go around corners and obstructions.

Or you can buy your LED strip lights in full reels and cut them yourself, then use our easy clip-on connectors to create the lengths you require without the need for soldering

Can I see some examples of colour-changing RGB LED strip light installations?

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