1 Watt LED strips – explained

InStyle LED are the UK’s largest supplier, and we’re renowned for our commercial grade LED tape range. Not only that, we also have aluminium extrusions that turn flexible LED tape into complete LED strip lighting. At this moment, the highest wattage available for RGB LED tape is 15W per metre, and for White LED strips it’s 20W per metre.

However we can also supply a specialist high-power 1-watt LED strip range.

Our 1-watt LED strip range doesn’t mean the tapes draw 1 watts per metre, even though that’s what the name suggests. Rather, these tapes are so called because they use premium-grade Cree X2 1-watt LED chips.

1-watt InStyle LED strip


The brightest RGB LED tape SMD on the market currently is the 5050 SMD. This pulls 0.24W per LED.

In comparison, InStyle’s 1-watt LED strip range all use the Cree X2 LED, which pulls 1.35W per LED.

1-watt InStyle LED strip (IP-rated)


The InStyle 1-watt LED tape range are all high-powered self-contained aluminium LED strips. The strips are manufactured here in the UK, to premium quality standards and designed for commercial-grade applications. They are super bright, designed to wash walls, back bars and locations that require high-power wall wash effects. They are available in both white or RGB colour-changing versions. If you have specific requirements, they can often be custom made.

We offer two types of 1-watt LED strip: non-optic or optic. The ‘optic’ variety are supplied with an optic lens over each individual LED, which focuses the light beam to a narrower angle. This tighter beam will throw the LED’s light further across ceilings or down walls.

There are even IP-rated (sealed water-resistant) options available, which can be fitted externally to wash building frontages, etc. These strips come complete with fixing adjustable fixing brackets, which allow you to adjust the LEDs’ output angle.

Instyle LED’s 1-watt LED strips are available in various lengths:

  • Lengths: 400mm, 800mm, 1200mm and 1600mm
  • Power consumption: 16.2W, 32.4, 48.6W and 59W
  • optics available are 8/25/25×8
The strips can be controlled via DMX power drivers, linked to either a DMX controller, a lighting desk or a PC system. This gives full control over your RGB LED strips – enabling you to select any shade of any colour, run colour scrolls, set time delays and more. You can control each strip individually, to create patterns and scenes. The brightness of these LED strips can completely change the look and atmosphere of any bar, restaurant or club. Washing exterior walls creates fantastic effects and brings great results in making your club stand out.
For more information you can contact InStyle LED on 0116 2799083