Light up your garden with LED lights

LED lighting is a great way to add new life into your garden. Garden LED lights are energy efficient, last thousands of hours, do not need maintaining, and they are much more environmentally friendly than traditional lighting technologies – such as incandescent and fluorescent lamps. Just some of the reasons why LED lighting is becoming the most popular way to give light into your garden.

The most common way to manage your garden LED lights is by using PIR (passive infrared) sensors, which are designed to automatically switch on your floodlights when someone walks through the sensor. But the need to replace bulbs on this kind of floodlight system can become costly, so some lighting companies are now selling an LED version. This can be a very simple and practical way of brightening up your garden.

But with LED tape, you can become much more creative with your garden LED lights and decking LED lights. Lightweight and extremely flexible, LED tape is also very bright for its size and runs at only 12 volts.

If you want to know more about how to choose and install LED garden lights and see some great examples, why not take a look at our LED garden light support page?

 Garden in daylight

LED tape is perfect for bringing light into your garden. You can use it to highlight your paths in the evening, so guests can see where they are going when you host a party. Garden LED lights can also highlight features within your garden, like a pond or water feature. Or how about adding some decking LED lights? LED tape is ideal for trimming and decorating your decking, as well as highlighting the steps and edge. The possibilities for garden LED lights really are endless.

Garden LED lights - white LED tape at night, used for decking LED lights

If you do a lot of entertaining in your garden, then you might want to consider using colour-changing RGB LED tape. With it, you can set your garden or decking LED lights to change colour over the evening – or even to follow the beat of music you’re playing to create a party atmosphere.


If you intend to install garden LED lights or decking LED lights, be sure to use LED tape with an ingress protection rating of IP67 (waterproof), to make sure that rain and damp doesn’t damage the lights. This also applies to any peripheral units you install, such as transformers, amplifiers and controllers. All such units should be either housed inside an IP enclosure, or already be IP rated.