See The Light At 45 West

Opened in late 2015 by local artisan distiller 45 West, the 45 West Bottle Shop & Bar is Leicester’s new first stop for premium quality wines, spirits and cigars.

Come inside to inviting warm white LEDs

Before the launch, Graham of 45 West – the Charnwood-based producers of black liveried Burleigh’s London Dry Gin – contacted InStyle to supply the store and in-house bar with a full LED display-lighting system.

To complement the friendly intimate atmosphere, InStyle’s Joe Watts chose to use warm white LEDs for the project. With their slight yellow tint, warm white lights give a room a warm earthy feel, similar to traditional halogen bulbs. (For the technically minded, the light output from warm white LEDs falls between 2700K and 3200K on the Kelvin scale. Lower values are warmer).

The installation used 24 metres of 10-watt white LEDs (all cut to length by InStyle), powered by five laptop-style 12V transformers (4 x 60W, one 100W). To give the location a smooth ambience, the LED strips were mounted in thin surface aluminium profiles to diffuse their light. The display-light LEDs are split across five separate zones, all managed independently through one 5-channel remote control linked to 5 x wireless receivers.

Vodka and warm white LEDs

Mixing a good cocktail needs concentration

We’ve got some great pictures of the end result here. Take a look!

As well their own range of Burleigh’s Gins, 45 West offers quality spirits, craft beers and an excellent cocktail menu – not to mention a fine selection of wines curated by wine and spirit merchant George Hill of Loughborough. The bar and shop are both open from 10am till 11pm – so why not pay them a visit and see the light?

45 West logo