7.2w RGB LED Tape used in the Raeburn Hotel

InStyle’s commercial grade 7.2w RGB LED Tape has been used throughout the Raeburn Hotel in it’s new luxury refurbishment.

The Raeburm Hotel installed with RGB LED Tape

The Raeburn Hotel  is based in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. Boasting ten exquisite bedrooms along with a newly refurbished bar and restaurant, it also includes a library, private dining and conference room. The boutique location offers a personalised service to meet any customer needs, ensuring a perfect stay.

This traditional hotel is renowned for a quality finish throughout, and when the owner was looking to refurbish from top to bottom, he approached the task with  a vision of beautiful mood lighting in each room than can be adjusted by the touch of a button.

Chosen for our commercial grade products and the technical advice we offer from each project’s start to finish, InStyle LED were called upon to offer a LED lighting solution.

John from InStyle LED specified the Raeburn project. The requirement was colour-changing mood lights, to be fitted in ceiling covings and coffers. The goal was to create ambient feature lighting that could be set to different colours and changed as required.

Some of the rooms had several separate covings but the client wanted them to be controlled off of the same controller. This single-zone design was used in the bar, restaurant, cinema room and the library.

After reviewing what was required John recommended installing InStyle’s 7.2w RGB LED tape (commercial grade) throughout, with an independent DMX wall controller for each area that needed control.

The DMX wall controller option offered exactly what the customer was looking for. It allowed multiple DMX receivers to be linked together, all managed by just one DMX wall-mounted panel.

This worked for the rooms where there were multiple covings to be fitted with RGB LED strip lights. Each such coving was powered by a transformer and had its own DMX receiver. The DMX receivers were then daisy-chained together with Cat5 RJ45 cables, linking them all back to the one wall controller.

RGB LED Tape installed in a library

For each room the 7.2w RGB LED tape was supplied by InStyle LED in pre-cut lengths (based on drawings from the hotels’ interior designer), to enable a quick and easy install. The RGB LED strip lights were fitted in position using the standard 3M self-adhesive backing found on all of InStyle’s LED tape products. The strips were positioned to shine upwards onto the ceiling, and shine onto the ceiling, creating a high-quality light-wash effect while concealing the LEDs themselves from view.

For each standard room, an LED transformer, a DMX receiver, a DMX wall controller and RGB LED tape was all that was required to complete the LED lighting system.

For larger rooms with more covings, additional transformers, DMX receivers and RGB LED tape were used.

RGB LED Tape set to amber

2014-08-03 20.17.07

The effect was stunning and exactly what the customer was looking for.

When lit, the covings created a striking effect and helped set the mood in each room, adding a unique feature to the quality install.

The DMX wall controllers were quickly understood by the Raeburn’s employees. Each controller has 3 easy-to-use rotary knobs, one selecting the colours, one dimming and the third offering a range of pre-programmed time delay colour scrolls – from 5 seconds, all the way up to an hour.

The total equipment inventory supplied by InStyle LED was:

2014-08-03 20.22.57

RGB LED Tape set to Amber

LED tapes were supplied in lengths cut and soldered to size, per the requirements, and InStyle offered full technical support throughout the installation.

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