Cutting & Soldering – can InStyle supply LED tapes pre-cut to length?

Can I Order My LED Tapes Pre-Cut To Custom Length?

Yes you can. At InStyle, we can cut and solder LED strip lights to exactly the bespoke lengths you need.

Our standard LED tape reels are manufactured in 5m lengths – except for our 7.5 watt 24-volt RGB LED strip lights, which we produce on 10m reels as standard.

Whatever type of tape you need, we can pre-cut your order to the correct length, so your LED strips are ready to fit straight out of the box!

Cutting your LED tape with scissors

InStyle Custom Lengths To Order

all 5-watt LED tapes cut-points each 50mm
all 10-watt LED tapes cut-points each 25mm
all 15-watt LED tapes cut-points each 100mm
all 20-watt LED tapes cut-points each 50mm
7.5-watt RGB LED tape (12v) cut-points each 100mm
7.5-watt RGB LED tape (24v) cut-points each 166mm

Cut your LED strip lights at the marked cut-points

What If I Want To Do My Own Cutting And Soldering?

We can create custom-length LED strip lights for you. However, if you prefer to do your own cutting, then you’ll find it’s simple and straightforward to measure the length you need and cut at the tape’s nearest cut-point.

To cut your LED strip lights:

  1. Simply cut the LED tape along the ‘cut’ line

To cut your LED strip lights and attach a starter lead:

  1. Cut the LED tape along the ‘cut’ line
  2. Get your stripped starter lead cable and solder the cable to the solder pads. Make sure you solder ‘positive’ to ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ to ‘negative’ (small + and – signs are printed on the LED tape’s PCB). For RGB LED tapes, you’ll need to connect + and R (red), G (green), B (blue)

To cut your LED tape and connect it to another length of LED tape:

  1. Cut the LED tape along the cut line
  2. Cut the circular solder pads in half on both lengths of LED tape that you intend to join
  3. Butt both lengths of LED tape together, so the halves of the circular solder pads make a whole
  4. Run solder onto the circular pads until they are securely joined, to complete the circuit

Waterproof LED Strip Lights

As well as our standard LED strip lights, we also offer splash-proof (IP65) or fully waterproof (IP67) tapes, sealed with heatshrink coatings.

If you choose to cut one of our IP67 tape lengths yourself, it will no longer be guaranteed water resistant… but you can fully reseal the tape back to its original protection rating by using a heat gun and heatshrink.

Bathroom with LED feature lights

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