Dimming LED tape

In the past, when people think of LED lighting they’ve often assumed that it cannot be dimmed. However it is 2013, and technology is advancing fast… and Instyle LED are at the forefront of that advance. If you are looking to dim your home LED lighting, we can show you how.

So here are some of the ways you can control your dimmable LED tape.

DC dimming:

This solution is mainly used in conjunction with our single-colour and white dimmable LED strip lights. DC dimming works by adjusting the voltage from your transformer (either a 12V or 24V DC input) with a simple single-gang rotary dimmer.

Once the rotary dimmer is wired in between your transformer and your dimmable LED strip lights, it will enable you to fully dim the LEDs with no flickering – from 0-100% brightness. InStyle’s rotary dimmer also has a wireless controller, so you can dim your LED tape without a cable connection.

The rotary dimmer can power up to 7 amps. Dimmers can be linked together.

TRIAC dimming:

Instyle LED are at the forefront of dimmable LED strip lights technology, and we have TRIAC dimmable transformers and receivers in stock. Choosing these units means that you won’t need special dimmers for your LED tapes – you’ll be able to dim the LEDs from any standard rotary wall dimmer already installed in your home. (TRIAC dimming is often called ‘mains dimming’ for this reason.)

Our TRIAC transformers are available in either 12V or 24V versions, and can supply wattages of 30W and 100W. You can link transformers together, to control multiple strips of dimmable LED tape through one rotary switch.

0-10v dimming:

If your home has a 0-10v dimming controller (such as a Lutron system, for example) then you will require 0-10v dimming receivers to dim your LED tape. These receivers will give you full control from the 0-10v head unit.

Wireless controllers:

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For our RGB LED tapes, we offer a variety of control options.

Two of our most popular choices are the multi-zone wireless controller and the single zone wireless controller. These allow you to fully control your dimmable LED strip lights through a wireless control. Using its simple straightforward interface, you’ll be able to select any shade of colour, set up colour scrolls and fully dim your LEDs from 0-100%.

DMX control:

DMX control can be used for either RGB tapes or any single-colour dimmable LED strip. InStyle LED stocks a range of high-power DMX 512 receivers, to work with any standard DMX head unit. We also have our own DMX  controller: a 3-knob double-gang rotary wall controller, which allows its user to select any shade of any colour, set up colour scrolls, fully dim LEDs, and even run sound-to-light programs so your lights can follow the beat of your music.