How to use the RGB wireless controller

InStyle LED offers 2 different types of RGB wireless controllers. They are the RGB Wireless controller and the Multizone Wireless controller.

Here are explanations of the 2 different types, what their differences are, and how they work.

RGB wireless controller

The RGB wireless controller is a single-zone wireless controller. There are 2 parts to the wireless controller; a receiver and a wireless handheld remote. A single zone means that you cannot link receivers together to have multiple ‘zones’, you simply have one. A ‘zone’ means by which the LED strip on that zone can individually controlled. If there is only 1 zone then all the LED strips attached to that zone will be the same colour when selecting colours etc. (synchronized) This does not mean however that you can only put one strip of LED tape onto the receiver. You can have as many strips of LED tape as you require as long as they all wire back to the 1 receiver. The total maximum metre-age of LED tape you can put on this controller is the following:

Total length in metres the receiver can control  (3 x 5 amp):

RGB 7.2w 12v     =   25 metres
RGB 7.2w 24v     =   50 metres
RGB 14.4w 24v   =   25 metres

The second part to the controller is the handheld remote. This remote controls the colour changing LED tape. The remote is a RF remote (radio frequency), this means the remote does not need to be ‘line of site’ with the receiver to actually work. The radio remote will work very easily up to 20m away from the receivers. The remote is a ‘touch’ remote meaning that it is actually controlled by touching rather than buttons. The controller has a colour wheel for you to simply select any shade of any colour. Other options are colour scrolls, dimming and on/off.

Wiring diagram for RGB LED remote controller

RGB Multizone controller

Any colour from RGB LED strip lights!

The RGB multizone controller is a multizone wireless controller and receiver. The advantage of the multizone controller over the single zone controller is the fact that you can have up to 10 receivers all individually controlled off one wireless remote control. You can actually have unlimited receivers to be controlled off the controller however only 10 individual zones.

The RGB multizone controller consists of 2 parts.

Multizone receiver: The multizone receivers can each control the following:

Total metre-age the receiver can control: (3 x 5amp)

RGB 7.2w 12v = 25 metres
RGB 7.2w 24v = 50 metres
RGB 14.4w 24v = 25 metres

The receiver do not need to be linked as they are wireless. Again they are RF (radio frequency) so do not need to be ‘line of site’ with the handheld controller. When paired with the wireless handheld remote you can have up to individual zones making this controller ideal for clubs/ bars / restaurants.

The wireless remote control has 10 buttons so you can pair and then individually control up to 10 zones. You can even have more than one receiver paired to each zone. Making the controller flexible enough for any project required. You could have for example a night club and in one room have 5 receivers all on zone one. The next room could have 2 receivers on zone 2 and another room could have 1 receiver on zone 3 and so on. Then you can individually control each zone (room). You also have the option to control all the zones (rooms) together with the touch of a button.

The wireless controller has a touch colour wheel allowing to select any shade of any colour, colour scrolls and fully dimming.

10-zone remote controller and compatible receivers for RGB LEDs
The InStyle Multizone controller with 2 receivers.

Wireless control for white and single-colour LEDs

If you’re installing white or single-colour LED strip lights, not RGB/RGBW colour-change LEDs, then why not check out our range of dimmers? Our wireless dimmer options include wall-mounted units (2 zone controller and 4 zone controller), and our popular 5 zone remote dimmer.