Suffolk Weddings uses Colour Changing LED Tape

Suffolk Weddings has used InStyle’s Colour changing LED Tape throughout their prestigious venue, with stunning effect.

Suffolk Weddings is one of the most luxurious wedding venues in Suffolk, with prestigious barn and marquee venues and luxury accommodation in the heart of Norfolk and Suffolk.

With 20 bedrooms and a beautiful Grade-2 listed thatched barn that can hold up to 178 guests, the prestigious venue is large enough for most requirements. And that’s not all – Suffolk weddings also offer the freedom to create your day exactly the way you want it!

InStyle LED are a UK LED lighting supplier and manufacturer, supplying commercial-grade products at low prices for the past 25 years. Renowned for quality and reliability, InStyle have built up a customer base and a highly respectable reputation.

Outside suffolk weddings using LED Tape

The luxurious wedding venue had called upon InStyle LED earlier in the year to supply commercial-grade colour-changing LED tape (RGB) for the venue’s bar area. The results were absolutely stunning, giving a complete wash of light for both the front and back bars. The LEDs could be colour mixed throughout by a wireless remote control, changing the ‘mood’ whenever the customer wished. Suffolk Weddings and InStyle share a commitment to high quality, and once the bar was complete we both agreed the results were exactly what we had hoped to achieve.

Inside Suffolk weddings using RGB LED Tape

More recently, Suffolk Weddings contacted InStyle LED again. They were looking to use more colour-changing LED tapes in their luxury venue. This time, they intended to install the new LED strips onto the venue’s beams; positioned to shine upwards, the LEDs would create a ‘wash’ effect on the ceiling. They also wanted the LED tapes to be synchronisable with the LEDs already installed in the bar area, using the same remote controller.

This was no problem at all for InStyle LED, as the earlier installation had used a multizone wireless controller system. This meant that the new installation would require nothing more than some additional power-supplies (transformers), multizone receivers and the additional LED tape. Both systems could then be controlled wirelessly from one multizone handheld remote controller. This remote controller uses an RF (radio frequency) signal, which means it doesn’t need to be ‘line of site’ with the receivers to work. The controller can set the colours of both areas individually,  or it can select both areas together – all by the touch of a few buttons!

A total of 36m of InStyle’s 15-watt RGB LED tape (commercial grade) was used, powered by 2 x 320-watt Meanwell transformers (each with its own multichannel LED receiver). To control the LEDs, the multizone handheld remote from the first project was simply programmed to the new receivers, allowing everything to be synchronised seamlessly.

Suffolk Weddings luxury barn using RGB LED Tape

The results were absolutely stunning. The LED light-wash created a unique ceiling feature that can be set to any shade of any colour instantly by the touch of a button. The whole ceiling is lit with beautiful colour, perfectly complementing the beautiful venue. Both Suffolk Weddings and InStyle loved the finished project, and were very happy with the stunning effects. A truly fantastic design and installation.

Be sure to check out the Suffolk Weddings bar area using colour-changing LED tape.

If you would like to use the Suffolk Weddings venue, please contact Greg on 01508 499 312 or by email at [email protected]