Top advice before buying RGB/RGBW LED strip lights for your kitchen!

In this video we share some great tips for installing and using colour-changing RGB & RGBW LED lights in your kitchen.

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This is down to personal preference. If you intend to have the lights set to white at any time, then the RGBW version is worth the additional cost. Because LED colour-change control products are all geared up for RGBW strips anyway, the cost to cost to switch from RGB to RGBW is usually very minimal (less than 10% cost increase per project).

The benefit of RGBW over RGB is you can set a true white, you can mix pastel colours, and we offer two different varieties of RGBW LEDs – either RGB+ warm-white or RGB + cool-white. This means you can truly match the exact white you are looking for.

RGBW LEDs are also a total of 25% brighter over RGB (when used at full brightness).

Which brightness to use ?

See the available options here.

  • Plinth lighting – 7.5w / 10w
  • Under-cabinet or Feature lighting – 7.5w / 10w
  • Working light – 15w / 20w
  • Above cabinet – 7.5w / 10w
  • Kitchen island – 7.5w / 10w

Where to use

  • Plinth lighting
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Above cabinet lighting
  • kitchen island
  • coving

When to use an aluminium profile

See the available options here.

Use a profile

  • if reflecting off shiny floor tiles
  • if the LED strip can be seen

How to wire

The most cost effective approach is to wire all lighting areas that you want on/off together back to one power supply.

If multiple lighting areas (controlled independently), then wiring a power supply per area is the cheapest option.

How to Control

See the available options here.

(note: You can connect several control options to one receiver at the same time – e.g. remote + wall controller + wifi)

  • RF remote single-zone
  • RF remote multzone
  • RF wall-controller single-zone
  • RF wall-controller multizone
  • Wifi kit (multizone)
  • Hardwired wall-controller single-zone
  • Hardwired wall-controller multzone
  • RF battery wall-controller single-zone

Why InStyle LED?

We stock all of our LED tapes for next day delivery.

You can provide us with any sketches / plans and we can advise on the most cost effective way for wiring / control.

We can speak to any installers, before, during and after your project to answer any questions.

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