Restaurant Lighting

If you are looking for restaurant lighting, LEDs can help with creating an amazing atmosphere for customers.

picking out the correct lighting for different spaces can be challenging, with the choice of white light against RGB/RGBW and various different watts you can find exactly what you need.

There are many different LED products and techniques that you can use in your restaurant lighting design. Let’s take a look at what would be the most useful.

Using LED strips in restaurant lighting design
– how and where

LED strip lighting can be used to highlight specific areas, or to create striking divisions and borders. This can be achieved either by ‘hiding’ the LEDs (positioning them out of the audience’s direct line-of-sight) so their light falls onto a surface creating a glow effect, or by mounting them in plain view.

LED strips used to create formal spaces in set design - image/video from John Wick 2

LED strips create formal spaces in the movie John Wick Chapter 2

What colours & white lights can I use in my restuarant?

We offer LED tapes in a wide range of colours and brightnesses. Choose from:

white LED strips – from very warm to very cool whites: standard stock colour temperatures include 2400 Kelvins, 2700K , 3000K, 4000K , 5500K & 6500K

20 Watt White LED Tape (240 LEDs)

19.2 watt RGBW LED tape on a reel

colour-control LED tapes – RGB (red/green/blue lights) mixed at source | RGB + warm white (3000K) | RGB + cool white (6000K)

Ordering and installing your LEDs

Ordering your LED tape pre-cut makes building your stage or set easier.

Send us a list of the lengths you need, or a sketch/diagram, and InStyle’s technicians will cut and solder your LED strips to the exact dimensions. We’ll also attach custom-length starter lead cabling and flexible corner links if required.

You’ll receive your order packaged and labelled by area/zone, for an easy installation. There’s a wealth of helpful support info on our website, and if your electricians need more advice then our LED experts can talk them through any issues.

Ordering checklist:

When ordering white or single-colour LED strips – you’ll need a compatible LED power supply too

When ordering colour-control LED strips (RGB / RGBW / CCT) – you’ll need a compatible LED power supply + an LED receiver + an appropriate controller for your LED colour palette

Cutting & soldering LED strips - feature pic

LED controllers for stage lighting

InStyle offer a variety of useful controllers and receivers to control your lighting designs.

The right option for you might include RF-signal remote or fixed-panel controllers, 0-10V or TRIAC-dimming modules.

Button-press DMX control panel (stainless steel) - white, single-colour or colour-change

Controllers are here

5-channel RF receiver for 5-colour compound LEDs (dual-white / RGB mix)

Receivers are here

What brightness should I choose?

Check out the full specs of our LED tapes here.

As a guide, if you are adding highlights / feature lighting, these LED tapes should be your first choice

  • 5W / 10W products (if using white or single-colour LEDs)
  • 7.5W / 10W products (if using RGB/RGBW colour-mixing LEDs)
  • 12W dual-white LEDs

5-watt blue LED tape unspooled

10-watt LED tape (daylight white option)

If you need to create more intense primary lighting, extra-bright features, or rich wash effects on walls or other surfaces, then try these LED tapes

  • 12W / 15W / 20W / 24W products (if using white or single-colour LEDs)
  • 15W / 20W products (if using RGB/RGBW colour-mixing LEDs)
  • 24W dual-white LEDs

15W pink LED strip lights

24-watt white LED tape unspooled from its reel

These recommendations apply to InStyle’s commercial-grade Epistar-branded LED strip lights. For lower-grade strip lights from elsewhere, adjust accordingly.

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