LEDs for exhibition lighting

If you are involved in exhibition lighting, whether as a lighting supplier, a designer, or a vendor with products to sell, then you’ve come to the right place. As specialists in LED strip lights, InStyle have over 20 years of experience to share in the opportunities and pitfalls that exhibition lighting can present.

Easy to install, low-cost and hugely flexible, our strip lights offer huge benefits for exhibition installers. So let’s start by looking at how LED strips from InStyle can help create striking and memorable displays…

LED strip lights

A big benefit of LED lighting is the range of colours and brightnesses on offer. Brand and logo colours can be easily matched by single-colour LEDs, or you can use colour-changing (RGB/RGBW) LEDs to create more versatile and precise matches.

  • We have the following single-colour lights in stock, available in 5-watt, 10W or 15W p/m brightnesses – Red / Green / Blue / Amber / Orange / Pink
  • Or if your exhibition display requires white light, then we offer the following shades: 2400k (warm white) / 2700k / 3000k / 4000k / 6000k (cool white.) White shades are all available in brightnesses from 5-watts p/m, through 10W / 12W / 20W, all the way up to high-bright 24W LEDs.

The last thing you want to do when ordering your LEDs is to make things difficult. So why not make set-up quick and easy by ordering your LED strips all bespoke-cut to your specified custom lengths? We’ll also attach all the corner links and starter leads you’ll need to get up and running fast.
Bespoke orders are usually next day delivery. (2 days delivery if the order is late in the day and there’s a lot of soldering.)

If you’re installing exhibition lighting in damp or exterior locations, then choose our IP-rated (waterproof) LED strips.

We have thousands of metres in stock of all our standard LED tape products. And to give your exhibition display a sleeker, more finished look, we can supply a full and comprehensive variety of aluminium profiles as well. We can work from your drawings – provide us with your requirements and our technical team can advise on products and offer helpful wiring advice and installation tips, saving you time and money!

LEDs are available in a range of specs, and we cater for all requirements. Because exhibitions are usually only temporary, we offer a dedicated range of exhibition-grade LED strip lights – they’re more cost-effective for short-term installations, with shorter life but just the same output and reliability while you need it.

Stalls bar in this theatre is lit by 10-watt unbranded LEDs

10W unbranded LEDs light this burger-van

How to use LED strip lights in exhibitions?

The choice of colours and brightness (wattage) can make choosing the right LEDs for your exhibition display seem intimidating. But really it’s all pretty straightforward.

By using a lower wattage strip, you can create a feature (‘halo’) glow around your display. Halo glows also look really good within steps and other locations:
Red 4.8W LED tape used on entrance stairs
LED cool-white even lighting

Use higher wattage strips to create complete light-washes, this is great for throwing light down the front of desks or bars:
14.4 Watt 5050 SMD Pure white LED tape lighting up a bar

You can use colours to highlight logos, signs and branding:
LED exhibition lighting

Under-lit shelves and edge-lit floating walls can be extremely effective:
5-watt single-colour LED strips light this retail display

Create light boxes or light up frosted acrylic surfaces using our adjustable RGBW colour-change LED products:
14.4 watt (5050 SMD) RGB LED tape used in a exhibition
14.4-watt RGB LEDs lit up purple

Don’t worry about control for your LEDs. We offer a choice of control options, ranging from simple RF wall-controls and remotes, through TRIACs and 0-10V dimming, all the way to more complex and scalable DALI and DMX controllers:

Click here to see our LED dimming range

or click here to see our LED colour-control options

Ordering and installing your exhibition-lighting LEDs

Ordering your LED tape pre-cut makes building your stage or display easier.

Send us a list of the lengths you need, or a sketch/diagram, and InStyle’s technicians will cut and solder your LED strips to the exact dimensions. We’ll also attach custom-length starter lead cabling and flexible corner links if required.

You’ll receive your order packaged and labelled by area/zone, for an easy installation. There’s a wealth of helpful support info on our website, and if your electricians need more advice then our LED experts can talk them through any issues.

Ordering checklist:

When ordering white or single-colour LED strips – you’ll need a compatible LED power supply too

When ordering colour-control LED strips (RGB / RGBW / CCT) – you’ll need a compatible LED power supply + an LED receiver + an appropriate controller for your LED colour palette

Cutting & soldering LED strips - feature pic

What brightness should I choose?

Check out the full specs of our LED tapes here.

As a guide, if you are adding highlights / feature lighting to your stage or props, these LED tapes should be your first choice

  • 5W / 10W products (if using white or single-colour LEDs)
  • 7.5W / 10W products (if using RGB/RGBW colour-mixing LEDs)
  • 12W dual-white LEDs

5-watt blue LED tape unspooled

10-watt LED tape (daylight white option)

If you need to create more intense primary lighting, extra-bright features, or rich wash effects on walls or other surfaces, then try these LED tapes

  • 12W / 15W / 20W / 24W products (if using white or single-colour LEDs)
  • 15W / 20W products (if using RGB/RGBW colour-mixing LEDs)
  • 24W dual-white LEDs

15W pink LED strip lights

24-watt white LED tape unspooled from its reel

LED controllers for exhibition lighting

LED controllers for exhibition lighting

InStyle offer a variety of useful controllers and receivers to control your lighting designs.

The right option for you might include RF-signal remote or fixed-panel controllers, 0-10V or TRIAC-dimming modules.

Button-press DMX control panel (stainless steel) - white, single-colour or colour-change

Explore LED controllers here

5-channel RF receiver for 5-colour compound LEDs (dual-white / RGB mix)

Explore LED receivers here

Other LED options for exhibitions

There are also other LED products that can be installed to create unique exhibition displays. For example, check out our suspended LED lighting range if you’d like to easy add strips, angles and hanging lights to your display.

Suspended LED tubes and strips can be manufactured to your exhibition display’s requirements – they’re available in any length up to 2 metres, and in any of our LED colours or RGBW colour-change.

You can clip suspended LED products to a wall, or have them suspended from the ceiling by hanging wires (fixing clips and cables are all included).

To learn more about suspended LEDs, check out this video

Matched Extrusion Surfaces – smooth white, black, or plain aluminium

If your design is to use aluminium LED extrusions to enhance the appearance of your LED strips, then we can even supply your selected extrusions painted in smooth white or black to better complement the location!

These recommendations apply to InStyle’s commercial-grade Epistar-branded LED strip lights. For lower-grade strip lights from elsewhere, adjust accordingly.

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