LEDs for garden benches

With a little LED lighting, any garden bench can become a unique feature. Whether you choose white light or colour-change RGB/RGBW lighting, you can create stunning effects outdoors.

LED lighting for benches is primarily feature-lighting, not main lighting. The aim is to produce an ambient glow in the evenings.

For this reason, we typically recommend low-power 12-volt LED tapes for this kind of application. (Dual-white CCT, only available in 24V, is an exception.)

Sealed for protection

Because they will be open to rain and the elements, LEDs for garden benches should always be fully sealed to IP67 standard. InStyle can supply you with fully water-resistant LED tapes, heatshrink-coated and with glue-sealed ends for complete protection. And, as always, we’ll cut each strip to exact length if you let us know the measurement(s) you need.

Garden benches lit by warm white 10-watt LEDs

For white LED garden-bench feature lighting, choose 5W LED tapes or 10W LED tapes.

5-watt white LED strip lights 5-watt LED strip

10w white LED lights - 12 volt LED strip lights 10-watt LED strip (twice as bright!)

In most outdoor locations, a warm-white shade of light (~2700 Kelvin) will be preferable, especially on cool evenings!

5-watt LEDs probably won’t require dimming functionality, but if you’re fitting brighter 10W LEDs then you may want to use one of our RF dimmer controls to adjust your feature lighting:

InStyle's Easy RF dimmer kit for white & single-colour LEDs

Your most cost-effective choice for a simple, no-frills remote is our compact easy RF LED dimmer/receiver kit.

A stylish (but slightly more expensive) controller option is our handheld controller/receiver kit for white LEDs.

InStyle's wireless controller kit for white & single-colour LEDs

Any bench can be enhanced by LED lighting

Ground-level garden plinth LEDs

For even more white-light control, you may want to choose InStyle’s dual-white CCT LEDs. Our 12-watt CCT LED tape is an ideal feature-lighting alternative. And don’t forget that it offers you the option to select any shade of white light you want (by mixing warm and cool-whit shades).

Adjust your light’s tint through the day, for a different mood as evening comes. Using any of our dual-white remotes and wall controllers across multiple zones, you’ll be able to create stunning features in your garden / home.

Sheltered bench with deck-level LED lighting

These recommendations apply to InStyle’s commercial-grade Epistar-branded LED strip lights. For lower-grade strip lights from elsewhere, adjust accordingly.

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