Extrusions For LEDs – when should I use aluminium LED profiles?

By housing your LED tape into an extrusion, you can create a more ‘finished’ look when compared to the unhoused PCB – which is ideal if the product is installed in a location where it will be clearly visible.

three LED tape extrusions

What are the benefits of LED Extrusions?

Aluminium LED strip light extrusions help to prevent contact damage if the LED tape is positioned within easy reach. And though they are not waterproof, extrusions can help prevent moisture. (For more protection against water, consider installing IP67 LED tape in the extrusions.)

InStyle LED stocks a range of extrusion profiles, each offering different advantages. They include our optic lens extrusion, which actually ‘throws’ light further by narrowing the LED tape’s light beam – and our recessed extrusion, which adds a plush finish to your LED strip lights.

LED extrusion viewed end-on

What’s the difference between LED Extrusions & LED Profiles?

There is no difference. The terms ‘aluminium extrusion’ and ‘aluminium profile’ are interchangeable.

What types of LED Extrusions are available?

Deep Surface

  • Deep Surface Extrusion

Shallow Recessed

  • Shallow Recessed Extrusion

Deep Recessed

  • Deep Recessed Extrusion

Tube Surface

  • Tube Surface Extrusion

Thin Surface

  • Thin Surface Extrusion


  • Corner Extrusion

Optic Lens

  • Optic Lens Extrusion

Where to use LED Extrusions

Our aluminium extrusions can enhance and improve all kinds of LED strip light installations. They are an ideal addition in restaurants, hotels, bars, and clubs.

LED tape in villa
This Portugal villa uses InStyle’s recessed extrusions to produce smooth ambient RGB lighting around its ceiling.

LED tape in villa

LED tape in bathroom
This bathroom’s LED strip lights are housed inside InStyle’s thin recessed extrusions. This creates an attractive lightbar effect, diffusing the individual LEDs into a single smooth glow.

LED tape in swimming pool
This swimming pool uses optic lens extrusions on its long brick-textured walls. The extrusions throw the light from their LED tapes in a narrower, more focused beam – which means they can illuminate the walls’ full height.

What is the length of an LED Extrusion?

As well as our standard LED strip lights, we also offer splash-proof (IP65) or fully waterproof (IP67) tapes, sealed with heatshrink coatings.

If you choose to cut one of our IP67 tape lengths yourself, it will no longer be guaranteed water resistant… but you can fully reseal the tape back to its original protection rating by using a heat gun and heatshrink.

How to install an LED Extrusion

Extrusions can be fixed in place using countersink screws, straight into the extrusion. Alternatively, you can purchase fixing brackets if you prefer. These can be attached in place, and once they are in position, your extrusion can be clipped onto them.

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