Single-Colour LEDs – large range of light colours in stock

Single-colour LED strip lights are ideal for covings and feature lighting at home, and great for commercial installations such as clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, signage and many other applications.

InStyle’s single-colour LED tapes are commercial grade, using premium components. Our strip lights have at least 60 mounted LEDs per metre (our 10-watt colour LED tape has 120 LEDs per metre) – enough to illuminate surfaces with a smooth and eye-catching effect.

What colours are available?

At InStyle LED, we stock a range of four different single-colour LED tapes:

Red LED strip lights

Red LED tape

Blue LED strip lights

Blue LED tape

Green LED strip lights

Green LED tape

Amber LED strip lights

Amber LED tape

Can you supply ultraviolet LED strip lights?

Yes, we can supply 12.5-watt ultraviolet LED strip lights (also known as UV or blacklight LED tape) for next-day delivery.

What wattages are available for single-colour LED tape?

We stock standard 5-watt and 15-watt (high power) LED tape in Red, Green, Blue and Amber colours.

We can also supply a 10-watt version of each colour. Please note that our 10-watt single-colour LED tape has a 2-week delivery.

15 Watt LED Tape using the 5050 SMD chip

Is colour LED tape waterproof?

Our standard single-colour LED strip lights are not waterproof. But if you’re working on a bathroom or an exterior project, we offer waterproof (IP67 certified) versions of all our LED tape range.

What’s the difference between Amber LED tape and Yellow LED tape?

There isn’t one. Some manufacturers label this standard LED tape colour as ‘yellow’ – but it’s actually amber. (Amber strip lights give a more golden glow when compared to an ‘authentic’ yellow.)

To produce true yellow light from an LED tape, you should check out our RGB colour changing range.

Are all of your single-colour LED tapes dimmable?

Yes they are – just like our white LED strip lights. For more information, see our guide to dimming your LED tape.

Can you show me some installations using single-colour LED strip lights?

Yes we can!

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