LEDs for TVs and media-panels

LED strips can be used to create a striking media-panel feature effect around any TV.

This TV is backlit by 10-watt RGBW LED strip lights

Because this kind of lighting is intended as a low-level feature, you should choose either low-wattage white, RGB or RGBW LEDs. (We recommend making them dimmable. This will be useful, as even low-level LEDs may be brighter than you need, depending on the time of day or night).

Pure-white LED create an attractive TV media-panel effect

Use dimmable 5-watt white LED tape (pure-white, neutral-white and warm-white options available), and a wireless remote for on/off and dimming control. Here are three controller options – you can find more alternatives on our LED dimmers page.

InStyle's Easy RF dimmer kit for white & single-colour LEDs

Your most cost-effective choice for a simple, no-frills remote is our compact easy RF LED dimmer/receiver kit.

A stylish (but slightly more expensive) controller option is our handheld controller/receiver kit for white LEDs.

InStyle's wireless controller kit for white & single-colour LEDs

Its super-sleek design will make it stand out from your other remotes!

InStyle's desktop dimmer control for white & single-colour LEDs

InStyle's single-channel wireless receiver for LEDs
NB. The desktop dimmer requires a single-channel receiver, seen here (supplied separately)

When selecting your colour-changing LEDs for your TV / media panel, choose either

7.5-watt RGB LED tape

Unspooling 7.5-watt RGB LED strip lights

For easy, cost-effective control & dimming, we suggest a single-zone RGB remote controller/receiver kit (as shown)

Handheld remote and LED receiver kit for RGB LEDs (single-zone control)

10-watt RGBW LED tape-reel set to lime green

As with our RGB LEDs, we offer an easy-to-install-and-use single-zone RGBW remote controller/receiver kit for control and dimming.

Handheld remote and LED receiver kit for RGBW LEDs (single-zone control)

TV wall-wash RGB LEDs create a rich amber

7.5-watt RGB LEDs throw royal-blue backlight from this wall-,ounted TV

Positioning your TV feature-light LEDs:

Your TV’s feature-light LEDs should be positioned to create a light-wash effect on the surrounding walls.

RGB LEDs fitted around a TV

To achieve this, strip lights can be simply fitted around the edge of the TV’s back (to shine directly onto the wall behind, creating a halo effect).

Or the TV can be housed in a bespoke panel. This will allow you to fit you LEDs to the back or outside edge of the panel (see our mirror highlights page).

Mounting RGBW LEDs behind a bespoke media panel enhances this TV feature-light's effect

These recommendations apply to InStyle’s commercial-grade Epistar-branded LED strip lights. For lower-grade strip lights from elsewhere, adjust accordingly.

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