Connectors For LED Tape – using solderless clips to join striplights

At InStyle LED, we can cut and solder your LED strip lights to your requirements. Just let us know the lengths you need when you place your order, and we’ll do the rest.

But if you prefer to cut your strip lights yourself, you can make any connections you need without the need for soldering, by using our easy-clip connectors. These connectors are an invaluable aid for simple and straightforward installations.

We supply three kinds of connector – you can find out how to use them below the video. Or download our handy step-by-step guide (pdf format).

tape-to-tape connectors

How to join LED Tape without soldering


1. How to use LED tape-to-tape connectors:

These connectors are used to attach two lengths of LED tape together.

To use them, start by opening up the fold-over clips. Then slide the first LED strip into the open clip, so the metal tongs are in contact with the copper pads. Do the same on the other side with the second LED strip, making sure the positive and negative pads are lined up with each other. Once this is done, click the clip closed again.

You have now extended your LED tape, and both ends will light up when powered.

LED strips and tape-to-tape connector


2. How to use LED starter-lead connectors:

With these connectors, you can attach a transformer starter-lead cable to your LED strip lights without the need for soldering.

To do this, you’ll follow a very similar process to the tape-to-tape connectors above: start by opening the clips and slide in the LED strip, making sure its copper pads are touching the metal tongs. Make sure the positive and negative wires correspond correctly (‘red’ to ‘+’ and ‘black’ to ‘-‘). This connector is supplied with the starter-lead already attached, so there is nothing else to connect – which means that when the tape is in place, you can re-close the clips and you’re ready to wire your LED strip lights to a transformer and power on.

LED tape and starter-leader connector


3. How to use LED flexible-link connectors:

These flexible connectors will link together two lengths of LED strip lighting. They are an essential accessory when your LED strips needs to bend around corners (45 degrees or greater) or other obstructions.

Using them is again a similar process to the one described above: open the clips and insert the two LED strips into either side, so the copper pads are in contact with the tongs, then reseal the clips. Be sure to check that the positive and negative cables are connected correctly – ‘red’ to ‘+’ and ‘black’ to ‘-‘.

Once your LED tape is powered up, it’s ready to illuminate.

Flexible connectors for LED strip lighting


Soldering Links vs. Solderless Connectors

For permanent installations and lighting that’s used all the time, InStyle strongly recommend soldered connections over solderless clips. But for short-term installations, exhibitions and more ad-hoc projects, solderless connections are ideal.

Soldering advantages

Solderless advantages

  • LED tapes don’t need to be pre-cut, so you can adjust the strip lengths on site if you do not know the measurements up-front
  • There are 3 types of solderless LED tape connector, to cover all situations

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