LED Dimming Compatibility

Here at InStyle LED we offer various control options to work with all the leading brands controllers.

We have the following control options:

0-10v dimming

The InStyle 0-10v dimming receiver is a 1 channel 10amp module that offers complete 0-100% smooth dimming. The receiver will work both 12v and 24v.

DALI dimming

Instyle LED has 3 different types of DALI dimming receivers. The 3 options are 1 channel, 2 channel or 3 channel. The channel means how many different controllable zones that receiver has. Each channel is 5 amp and works both 12v and 24v. These DALI dimming receivers will work with any standard DALI protocol.

DMX dimming

The InStyle LED high-power receiver is a standard DMX 512 3-channel receiver, that can work with any DMX 512 controller or provide reliable DMX dimming. The high power receivers have an input of either 12v or 24v and an output of up to 3 x 5 amps. This is a maximum output of 5 amps per channel and usually used for RGB products such as RGB LED tape. You can also use single-colour LED tape, for DMX dimming with these receivers.

Drop-ceiling LEDs controlled by a DMX system

TRIAC (mains) dimming

Instyle LED offer both TRIAC dimming receivers and transformers.

The InStyle TRIAC dimming receiver is a single channel module that will control both 12v and 24v. The TRIAC dimming receiver is wired inbetween the transformer and the LED tape and then a signal cable is taken from the receiver to the TRIAC head unit.

0-10v dimmer module for LEDs3-channel DALI module for LEDsDMX decoder for LEDsTRIAC dimmer module for LEDs

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